TALCO is a leading manufacturer of ALUMINIUM Coil and is supplying to many boiler manufacturer for cladding and insulation purposes. Our team of qualified engineers assures dimensionally accurate coils, fabricated as per the clients’ specifications.

These coils are demanded in the industry for their outstanding plasticity & conductivity. Hence, this product finds numerous applications in different construction industry.

Following are the specifications of these coils:

Cold Rolled Coils and Strips

Alloy110, 1200, 8011, 3003, 3105
n as rolled condition Standard: 965 mm, 1270 mm and 1540 mm
Width (Trimmed)Standard: 915 mm , 1000 mm, 1220 mm, 1500 mm
Thickness0.28 mm-2.0 mm (Trimmed) 0.2 mm-6.0 mm (Untrimmed)
Arbour DiameterUntrimmed: 750 mm with full weight coils Trimmed: 200 mm, 500 mm
Coil Density1.0 4.0 kg/mm width
Coil Weight1000 – 3000 kg (Untrimmed coil). 300 kg (trimmed coil)
FinishMill Finish