QUALITY is the cornerstone of our Mission, which being customer-oriented, is committed to excellence and cost effectiveness.

Quality lies in continous improvement and in redesigning systems, processes and practices to satisfy customer needs and expectations. It extends to manufacturing, maximising operational efficiency, capacity utilisation and productivity. It involves the integration of human resoures, a key to teamwork.

Quality is an inseparable element of all activities carried out at TALCO ALUMINIUM COMPANY. TALCO is dedicated to respond and deliver on time high quality and cost effective products and services tailor made to exact customer requirements. The Management and staff are totally committed to implement a comprehensive and integrated quality management system in accordance with the International Quality Standards of ISO 9001:2008

The Objectives of Quality Policies are

  • To meet the expecations of customers, and improve response time.
  • To ensure reliable and consistent customer service
  • To provide value for money and to be internationally competitive
  • To choose and associates with suppliers to ensure high quality if inputs; through proactive interaction with them, to secure their participation in our quality improvement process
  • To establish a healthy system for quality assurance and improvement, with emphasis on inprocess control in order to ensure error prevention. Do things right the first time
  • To formulate quality goals foe all functions and foster teamwork.
  • To satisfy “internal customers” as a means to external customer satisfaction.
  • To educate, motivate and involve employees in the fulfillment of the quality.

Key Objectives of TALCO Quality Policy

  • Complete Customer Satisfaction
  • Formulate Quality Goals
  • Unmatched Value
  • Choose Suppliers on Quality Criteria
  • System for QA & Improvement
  • Satisfy Internal Customer requirements
  • Involve every employee
  • Reliable & Consistent Customer Service

Conductivity Meter

Electrical Conductivity meter for measuring the electrical conductivity of BUSBAR alloys

Sample Preparation Machine

Optical Emmission Spectrometer Picture for analysis the chemical properties of ALUMINIUM ALLOYS


Sample Preparation machine for Polishing and Chemical Analysis

Metallurgical and Mechanical data and tolernces Alloy equivalents table

IS India (New)(BS U.K or I.S.(OLD)(AA) U.S.A(AICAN) CanadaDIN GermanyASTM(AFNOR) France
63401E91E6101D50SE-AI-99.5 SI-0.5GS 10 B-
63400HE-9606350SALMG SI 0.5GS 10 AA-SG
64430HE-306351B51SALMG SI163516081(NP)

Temper designation table

INDIA / U.KU.S.A / CANADAISO TEMPERDescription of designation
MFFAs Fabricated, as manufactured or as cast
-T3TDSolution heat- treated, and cold worked
WT4TBSolution heat-treated, naturally aged and amenable to artificial ageing
PT5TEArtificial aged or precipitation heat-treated
WPT6TFSolution heat- treated & precipitation heat treated